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Questions & Answers

Does Ashton Place require entrance fees or endowment fees? There are no entrance or endowment fees charged at Ashton Place. Residents are simply required to place a refundable security deposit (equal to one month's rent) and pay a reasonable monthly fee that is inclusive of the rent, services and amenities.

Is there a residency agreement?   Yes. You will enter into a one year residency agreement. This residency protects you from unexpected rent increases for the term of the lease. Conversely, should unexpected circumstances arise that require a move from Ashton Place, a 30 day written notice is all that is required. 

How do I reserve an apartment? After meeting with the Marketing Director and deciding on which apartment is right for you, all that is needed is a small security deposit and a community fee. The security deposit is held in an escrow account and will collect interest. This deposit is refundable provided there is no damage to your apartment over and above ordinary wear and tear.

Are pets allowed? Absolutely! Naturally, there are some reasonable rules and regulations regarding pets. There is a one time  pet fee charged upon move-in.

Is Ashton Place subsidized or is rent based on income? No, Ashton Place is a private pay community. We do not accept SSI or Medicaid.  Any questions regarding your personal financial situation should be discussed with your attorney or financial advisor.

Can your chef accommodate my dietary restrictions? Yes. Our chef will confer with you regarding your diet and will help you select menu choices to suit your dietary needs.  "Heart smart" menu choices and diabetic selections are a few examples of what we offer our residents. A registered dietician is available on a consulting basis to assist with dietary planning.

What happens if I fall or become ill at Ashton Place? Each apartment comes equipped with an emergency response system. Residents are encouraged to wear their pendant at all times. With a simple push of a button on the pendant, Ashton Place staff will respond within just a few minutes.

Is the Enriched Living Program a licensed program? Yes, the Enriched Living Program is licensed by the New York State Health Department and must comply with the regulations set forth by the Health Department.

What is an Enriched Living Program? Letís begin with what it isnít. An Enriched Living Program is not skilled nursing, which one would receive in a nursing home where one may be bedfast and/or unable to ambulate or transfer from a chair to a bed without assistance. An Enriched Living Program fills the gap between Independent Living and Assisted Living and offers individualized supportive services such as medication assistance; assistance with bathing dressing and grooming, friendly reminders of activities and meal times and case management services. Any community offering an Enriched Living Program must be licensed by The New York State Department of Health, which regulates and monitors compliance.

Who typically lives in an Enriched Living Setting? Typically people who need some assistance with daily needs, want to continue to live in the community and do not need nursing home care may be eligible for an Enriched Living Program.

Who determines if I qualify for the Enriched Living Program? Your physician will determine if you are appropriate for the Enriched Living Program using a Department of Health Medical Evaluation form. The Case Manager would then complete an assessment to determine what your individualized needs are.

What does Case Management include? The Case Manager of the Enriched Living Program provides Case Management. Case Management is a very crucial part of the program to ensure each individual is receiving the services and assistance needed. It includes assessment and oversight of all supportive services, identifying needs and coordinating services related to health, mental health, social services, and nutrition. Communication is ongoing with your physician as it relates to your health status, well-being, and medication management. The Case Manager will assist residents with obtaining and/or maintaining a rapport with their primary care physician or source of medical care.

Can I keep my present primary care physician? Yes, your physician will play a key role in knowing what your needs will be in the Enriched Living Program. If you need a physician we will assist you with finding one.

Who will be providing the personal care and medication assistance? Personal Care Assistants (PCAís) will be employees of Ashton Place. They will be assisting the residents with their activities of daily living (bathing, dressing, grooming) as assessed by the Case Manager. The PCAís will go through a specialized training at Ashton Place that has been approved by the Health Department to address all aspects of assisting residents in the Enriched Living Program.

Who determines that a higher level of care or more care is needed? The Case Manager will work with the resident and physician to assess each residentís changing needs to determine when or if more care is needed.

What happens if you need more care than the Enriched Housing Program is licensed to provide? Ashton Place is not a medical facility and is not licensed to provide 24-hour skilled nursing care. The case Manager will assist the resident and family with finding a facility that provides a higher level of care and coordinate a safe discharge plan.

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