Tips for Touring Senior Living Communities

As a Marketing Director, I had the opportunity to tour numerous senior living communities.  I developed competitive analyses that served as a barometer of where we stood against our competition.  We wanted to be certain that our hospitality and services were top notch.  Afterall, if we don’t know our competition, how can we distinguish ourselves and continue to improve our customer service.  Below, I have listed some suggestions of questions to ask while touring.


Helpful tips and questions to ask as you tour senior living communities


Do you know some of your potential neighbors?

Ask if anyone from your hometown lives at the community, perhaps you’ll know them and will want to spend some time with them.


Ask about the owners

Is it a chain?  Where are headquarters and how do you contact them if problems go unresolved.

Is it privately owned?  What is the history of the owners?  How long have they owned and operated the community?


What is the dining experience?

Can you and your family come in for a complimentary meal?

Are there a variety of menu options?

Is there assigned seating?  If so, can you request early bird or a later dining time?


Is there a hospital close by?

If so, this is a big plus, as you will have  easy access to medical care, doctors appointments and emergency services.


Is there a fire department close by?

If so, there will be quick responses to medical emergencies and help with evacuation of the building in the event of smoke or fire.


Is there an ambulance service close by?

Again, this is a bonus as there will be timely responses to medical emergencies.


Is there a grocery store close by?

It’s convenient to be able to walk or drive to the grocery store.  Better yet, ask if transportation is provided and if delivery is available.

Is there a pharmacy close by?

Do they deliver?

Is there a bank close by?

Ask if the local bank provides personalized services, such as meeting with you in the privacy of your own apartment.


Last, but not least:  Reports from the New York State Department of Health


Are there violations or deficiencies noted on the Department of Health website?


When you tour any senior living community in New York State, you will want to verify for yourself that it is appropriately licensed and that it hasn’t had any issues that might concern you.

You will find Ashton Place, along with numerous other licensed communities.


  • Click on the following link to review the latest Adult Care Facilities Survey Report

As your needs change over the next several years, is the senior living community licensed to provide additional services?  Or will you be expected to move our of the community?

Ashton Place believes in smooth transitions.  Nobody likes change, especially as we age!

As your medical and health care needs change, we can offer you extended services without expecting you to “move to another wing” or “move to another building”.  So, be sure to ask about our enriched living services.


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