Meet Our Team



Ashton Place Staff Members

From left: Fred Prioetti, Connie Hemminger, Amy Donk, Kevin Christiano, Jackie Turner, Karis Morley, Susan Schermerhorn, and Andrew Day

  • Kevin Christiano, Director

    Kevin Christiano

    Phone: 315-462-7057
    Years of Service: 8
    Hometown: Pittsford, NY
    “The most important part of my job is recognizing individuality and taking the time to listen to our residents. Prioritizing personalization and being accessible gives my team and I the opportunity to anticipate and adapt our care and services to the needs of our community.”

  • Connie Hemminger, Assistant Director

    Connie Hemminger

    Director of Accounting/Human Resources
    Phone: 315-462-7052
    Years of Service: 18
    Hometown: Clifton Springs, NY
    “I am a numbers person, so my favorite part of my job is managing financials and spreadsheets. I also love the creativity involved in project management.”

  • Susan Schermerhorn, Director of Marketing and Leasing

    Susan Schermerhorn

    Director of Marketing and Leasing
    Phone: 315-462-7056
    Years of Service: 10
    Hometown: Geneva, NY
    “I worked in the hospitality industry for many years before finding Ashton Place. What I thought I loved about hotels was meeting new people every day, but what I find at Ashton Place is that what I love even more, is seeing the same people every day and growing relationships with them.”

  • Jackie Turner, Case Manager

    Jackie Turner, LPN

    Enriched Living Case Manager
    Phone: 315-462-7294
    Years of Service: 7
    Hometown: Walworth, NY
    “What led me to a career in Senior Living is the flexibility to spend quality time with each of them and ¬†obtain the best individualized plan of care to maintain a healthy, safe¬† and fulfilling life they deserve.”

  • Karis Morley, Resident Services Coordinator

    Karis Walker

    Resident Services Coordinator
    Phone: 315-462-7050
    Years of Service: 5
    Hometown: Victor, NY
    “After graduating college, I started working as waitstaff in a senior living community. This job was simply intended to hold me over while I began my next chapter in life, but it was there that I immediately found my passion for working with the elderly.”

  • Fred Prioetti, Director of Building Maintenance

    Fred Proietti

    Building Superintendant
    Phone: 315-462-7293
    Years of Service: 6
    Hometown: Solvay, NY
    ” The most important part of my job is providing and maintaining a clean, safe, comfortable living environment, the best possible home for our residents.”

  • Amy Donk, Activities Director

    Amy Donk

    Activities Coordinator
    Phone: 315-462-7058
    Years of Service: 13
    Hometown: Clifton Springs, NY
    “I love working at Ashton Place for the residents. Being able to interact with them, and providing them with activities full of fun and interest. Watching them enjoy, smile, be involved with Ashton Life.”

  • Andrew Day, Food Services Manager

    Andrew Day

    Food Service Manager
    Phone: 315-462-7292
    Years of Service: 4
    Hometown: Phelps, NY
    “My favorite part of my job at Ashton Place is working with a tremendous food service staff to create a variety of menu items to meet the nutritional needs of the residents and satisfy their taste buds at the same time.”

  • Heidi Colf

    Human Resources Assistant
    Phone: 315-462-7059
    Years of Service: 3
    Hometown: Clifton Springs, NY
    “What I love about Ashton Place is that it is very family oriented, the company values the importance of family.”