Choose Gratitude to Adjust Your Attitude

There’s no doubt about it, the prospect of spending the holidays alone during this pandemic is saddening and maddening.  But we must remain vigilant about protecting our general health, our mental health and the health of others.  The best way to do this is by flexing our gratitude muscle.  If you can’t see those you love and appreciate, pick up the phone or write a nice note. These three exercises below are some ways to flex your gratitude muscle.


  1. Take the time to let everyone in our lives know how much you value their love and support
  2. Share their joys and support their hopes and dreams by offering positive comments and by asking them to elaborate about their endeavors
  3. When you see a medical professional,  service provider, and/or retail employee take the time to give them a sincere “thank you”

Photo by Karolina Grabowska from Pexels


A recent TED Radio hour featured A.J. Jacobs who describes himself as “a writer, professional lifestyle experimenter and self-described curmudgeon”.  He is also an author of four New York Times bestsellers”.  The title of the TED talk is How Can We Thank Those We Take for Granted.  In a 14 minute interview, Jacobs describes the journey he took “around the world” in order to learn how to be more grateful.  Click on his TED talk below – you’ll be grateful you did!

How can we thank those we take for granted?


Now that we know how to adjust our attitude to gratitude, let’s make everyone’s holiday as merry as possible!

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