At Ashton Place, we take immense pride in delivering a distinctive dining experience that caters to diverse tastes. Our wide range of dinner options ensures there's something to delight every palate.

Our commitment to using only the finest ingredients allows us to craft flavorful, wholesome, and satisfying meals. It’s not uncommon to find our residents and their families requesting seconds. 

The Choice is Always Yours

Our daily menus offer an abundance of choices, from elegant offerings like prime rib and roasted lamb to beloved comfort foods like meatloaf and chicken & biscuits. Each day, you’ll discover a variety of soup and salad selections, numerous entrée options, and a range of starches and vegetables. In addition to our daily offerings, we provide weekly and seasonal specials. For dessert lovers, our daily menu boasts multiple choices, including sugar-free options, along with delectable treats such as freshly baked cookies and a variety of ice cream flavors. 

Prioritizing Healthful Eating

Our skilled chefs prioritize health-conscious cooking by using minimal fats, oils, and no added salts in their recipes, ensuring our residents’ well-being. Whenever possible, we incorporate lean meats into our dishes. Despite our extensive daily choices, our kitchen staff is always eager to work with residents to personalize meals based on individual preferences.

Above all, our dining team is dedicated to making each bite an enjoyable experience. 

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