Help!  My Feet Are Killing Me

A few years ago, I was given a new lease on life after having my Morton’s Neuroma relieved by orthotics.   I was fortunate to be referred to an orthopedic surgeon who specializes in feet and ankles.  After x rays and a thorough examination,  she wrote a prescription for orthotics specific to my feet and to my diagnosis.  The orthotics were pricey but worth every dime.   I was pain free for the first time in many years.

Recently I talked my 80 year old friend into seeing my orthopedic surgeon.  After years of enjoying her daily walks of 3-4 miles, she had to give up her exercise routine.  She could no longer stand the shooting pains in her feet.  Her primary physician had referred her to a certified pedorthist. A Pedorthis is a specialist who makes customized orthotics that are inserted into shoes.  He examined her feet and made her custom orthotics along with a recommendation to purchase a specific sneaker that would best serve her needs. After numerous visits to have adjustments made to her orthotics, she gave up hope of ever walking pain free again.  The pedorthist told her that because she had boney feet, that her case was particularly challenging.  She was depressed and discouraged.


The Foot Exam 

I have to admit that I was skeptical about my friend getting any relief from her “boney feet”, but I insisted she see my doctor.  During the examination, the doctor discovered that my friend had several “seed corns”. She explained that they cause “shooting pain” – exactly what my friend had been describing.  The doctor shaved off the seed corns and even used a scalpel to  ensure total removal.  Some calluses were also removed but they had not been causing pain.  Thankfully, this doctor was able to contact the pedorthist and advised him to make some minor adjustments to the orthotics (that saved a pretty penny.

The Solution

The doctor instructed my friend to go to the drug store immediately to purchase an over-the-counter application called Bag Balm.  She was to apply the Bag Balm at bedtime to the areas where the seed corns had been removed, and then cover them with bandaids and socks.  The Bag Balm  keeps the skin soft and prevents the seed corns from reappearing.  To learn more about this product, go to

Bag Balm products

Bag Balm seen here

Happy Feet 

As a result, I am happy to report that my friend not only had immediate relief that day, but that she’s back to pain free walking every day.  So, before you spend money on expensive orthotics and new shoes, be sure to have your feet thoroughly examined for corns and calluses – perhaps you’ll be able to skip the orthotics altogether!


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