Boost Your Mood with These Fall Tips

“I love the end of Fall when it gets dark by 4pm,” said no one ever!  “Falling back” may give us an extra hour of sleep, but this means less daylight.  In fact, our daylight hours will shrink from a high of 15 hours and 18 seconds on June 8 to a low of 8 hours and 59 seconds on December 16.  As people age, eye muscles weaken causing the pupil to remain constricted.  Consequently, less light is able to enter the eye. This is one reason why the older population requires higher light levels.  In addition, shorter days can dampen our moods, but a few tips may be just what the doctor ordered!

  • Pull back your curtains and roll up the shades. It’s time to remove the screens and store them until we spring ahead.  Give your windows a good cleaning and note how much brighter the interior of the house looks.
  • Now place your favorite chair closer to the windows for more natural light.


  • Another way to ensure a light, bright home is to invest in daylight bulbs for your table lamps, overhead lights and floor lamps. According to (see link below) NorbSmile Full-Spectrum “Sunlike” Premium LED Light Bulbs come in at #1.  They say their bulbs boost energy, mood and performance and helps with seasonal affective disorder.


  • Studies support that taking a walk outside within the first two hours of getting up helps with the winter blues. If walking is too precarious due to ice and snow, try bundling up and sitting somewhere in the sun (or under an overcast sky), for example, on a front porch or deck for as long as you feel comfortable.
  • Be sure to keep bedtime and awakening routines consistent regardless of what time of year it is.  Burrowing under the covers on a dark, cold morning might feel good temporarily but it can contribute to blue moods.



For more information about daylight bulbs:

For more information about NorbSmile bulbs:

Amazon: NorbSmile bulbs

For more informations about SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder):

SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder)


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